1914: The Early Campaigns of the Great War - John French

1914: The Early Campaigns of the Great War

By John French

  • Release Date: 2013-08-21
  • Genre: Militaire


A controversial book by a controversial commander.

Although many historians have disagreed with Sir John French - and his account of the Great War - over the years there have been few writers who have not been influenced by this frontline history.

Sir John French was a nineteenth century soldier plunged into a gruesome and gruelling twentieth century conflict. 

'The Early Campaigns of the Great War' paints a picture of outdated military strategies - yet it also tells a story of heroism and courage. At times the British Army may have been outmanned and outgunned, but it still endured.

Sir John French may be considered to be the forgotten commander of the First World War in some respects, in light of the fame (or infamy) of Field Marshall Haig, but this account has not, nor should not, become a forgotten book on the history of the Great War. 

This new e-book edition includes and introduction by Gary Sheffield, Professor of War Studies at the University of Birmingham.

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