Tallarn: Witness - John French

Tallarn: Witness

By John French

  • Release Date: 2015-02-16
  • Genre: SF et fantasy


After a somewhat unexpected Imperial victory against the Iron Warriors upon the dead wastes of Tallarn, the world’s new governor-militant Susada Syn takes to the battlefield. With the wreckage of a million tanks and war machines spread across the planetary surface, Syn and his allies in the Space Marine Legions and Imperial Army survey the carnage, and consider the price that they have paid in blood...

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We hardly ever get a look at the very end of war. I mean the very end, after everyone has packed up and gone home. Tallarn: Witness gives us a Titans-eye view of the total annihilation: warped Titans, corroded tanks, and a sea of twisted metal. And this scene couldn’t be more moving.